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Compasses Inn, Gomshall, Guildford, Surrey

March 26th, 2011

Pete Christie performing his British acoustic fingerstyle set at Compasses Inn in Gomshall in Guildford Surrey UK

UK Roots Movement – providing an independent alternative

March 22nd, 2011

UK Roots Movement

Rory Ellis
Andy Grant
Pete Christie
The Wishbones
Hip Route

Release date         2010

About                     Freedom sounds like this…

Description         We are a non-profit promotional co-operative run by a collective of international musicians touring extensively and releasing new acoustic roots music within the UK.

In the past decade the music industry has been turned upside down and is barely recognisable as its former incarnation. Acts are signed and dropped on a whim as mainstream trends are set and quickly become outmoded. Chart successes invariably come from a will to create celebrity rather than a desire to share and celebrate creativity.

This industry has a stranglehold on the media that we once referred to for the latest sounds. So a parallel music industry is born through the Internet and on the streets: Anyone keen to take their music on the road can record, market, and distribute from their living room.

Coupled with the recent boom in live audiences, any motivated act can go out and make a success of their art.People dont want to be told what is good – They want to seek it out.

There is an unbelievable wealth of high quality music out there on the streets of the UK. There is also a huge audience on the lookout for an alternative to the mainstream.

UK Roots Movement provides a truly independent alternative.

‘In the Round’ at Mr Kyps event with Derrin Nauendorf, Pete Christie and Alex Roberts

March 21st, 2011

Its not often that 3 musicians with individual and accomplished guitar techniques get the chance to perform on the same stage. ‘In the Round’ is the perfect setting for an audience to get close to the music and feel they are part of the show, without having to join in.

Mr Kyps had just installed a new sound system but you can rely on Chris Young (aka Percy), the sound engineer, to found the levels and sound a musician wants.

Alex Roberts kicked the night off with some beautiful songs and fancy fingers on the lap steel, then bakalia, then guitar; followed by Pete Christie who had some new surprises, a classic ‘The Ballad of Lucy Jordan’ and amazed anyone who is used to Pete’s ‘epics’, with what must be a contender for the shortest song in history, just to keep us guessing what’s next.

Derrin Nauendorf, headlined and made his Yamaha guitar sound like 3 instruments and introduced an innovative hi tech sound hole cover all the way from his recent German tour…2 strategically placed beer mats.

Another good night!

Recommending Robert Whetton Photographer on LinkedIn

March 13th, 2011

Rob did a great job on my album ‘Frank’.

I would recommend his photography

Album 'Frank' insert photography by Robert Whetton

‘Have guitar, will travel’ – London

March 13th, 2011

Pete Christie in the London crowds with his Gurian guitar in its case on the way to play at The RSA

What to do with my MySpace profile?

March 12th, 2011

MySpace has been part of my music promotion since 2006, now I find myself wondering what to do with my MySpace profile.

MySpace Member Since 01/10/2006

Artist Dashboard

  • 27,353 profile views

  • 2,155 total friends

  • 13,088 total song plays

November 18th, 2010: MySpace’s Facebook Mashup

Here is a blog by Ross Dunn

MySpace’s Rise and Fall – A Timeline of Highs and Lows


Good Voodoo at The Half Moon

March 12th, 2011

GOOD VOODOO” (formerly Halfmoon Unplugged) is the fourth generation of a tradition of

Monday night live sessions

which have taken place at London’s famous music venue, The Half Moon Putney, on and off since the early 60’s.

Up to eight emerging bands, duos and solo artists from across the UK and the globe, every week, by candlelight.

28 February

Redvers Bailey Host, Musician, Sound Engineer and great bloke!

Emily Coates

Laura Jeanne

Amrit Sond Hope to do a future gig with Amrit

Jordan Laughlin

Pete Christie

Dom Skej Headline

The Half Moon (Putney)

93 Lower Richmond Road, Putney, SW15 1EU

Pete Christie Song set:

Normal Shade of Blue



The Royal George, West Coker, Dorset

March 9th, 2011

singer songwriter 2011

March 6th, 2011