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Kieran Halpin Headline with Guest Pete Christie at Sunray Folk Club

July 18th, 2011

“Great songs, great singing and great stories”

Bob Kirkpatrick runs a successful folk club on the music circuit, at Broadmayne Village Hall, Dorchester, that offers a wonderful venue for unplugged acoustics, has grown a lovely loyal audience of music lovers and hosts a charming and welcoming evening for visiting musicians.

Pete Christie I made some new friends at Sunray Folk club and rekindled old acquaintences, who listened intently to my songwriter performane of crafted lyrics. It means a lot to me to know that people can be touched by the words like ‘Waiting in the Wings’, in a venue where every note is heard. The Lowden sounded great and the sustain was awesome.

Kieran Halpin is a true storyteller; with comical anecdotes about travelling with his famiy in a caravan in Australia,among other touching stories, delivered in an engaging Irish brogue. I enjoyed ‘I don’t write love songs any more’; a sentiment I relate to!

Fine gentlemen players.

Sunray Folk Club

We like how Bob always puts on food for his musicians and  audience at Sunray Folk Club events . Nice one Bob!

Wilderness Gathering, The Original Bushcraft Show, Music, Handmade Guitars and Pete Christie

July 11th, 2011

An opportunity to demonstrate the difference wood makes in sound and tone, by day and play the handmade acoustic guitars by night.

Saturday night is MUSIC night at the Gathering by Isle of Purbeck singer songwriter guitarist Pete Christie

Really looking forward to performing and exhibiting at the Wilderness Gathering. I’ve got a few interesting things planned for the audience at night and a walk through on handcrafted guitars, demonstrating the difference the choice of wood for the soundboard of an acoustic guitar makes on the sound and tone.

The ‘Gathering‘ is a 4 Day Event 18 – 21 August 2011
Wilderness Gathering, the original Bushcraft Show, is the premier festival of bushcraft, survival and primitive living skills.

The Gathering has become a social event and brings together families and friends, all those interested in Bushcraft and Wilderness living skills to enjoy a weekend of knowledge sharing in a relaxed and family friendly atmosphere

The event is held at Bush Farm Bison Centre Farm & Woodland Gardens Native American & Wildlife Gallery, West Knoyle, Wiltshire.