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Swanage Blues Festival 2015

March 7th, 2015

Swanage Blues Festival 2015 at Tawny’s

Back by popular demand!!


Having been thrown out of music lessons at the tender age of 15 for daring to suggest that Blues was a relevant form of “Folk” music, and then being told by the music teacher that I would never be a musician, I decided that I would spend my life proving that he was wrong – on both counts.
The Blues was the “Turning Point” (thanks John Mayall), and foundation stone of everything else I have written, or performed since then. For me, if the song has no meaning, relevance, or message, then it is basically just a tune with words. If you like, “Pop” – and I don’t do Pop. Never have….


Great Swanage Blues Festival is alwa

I am non-commercial, genre unspecific, and inclined to wander off down the fretboard just to see where it takes me. I make no apologies for my habit of crossing barriers and kicking down the flimsy walls of comparison and style constraints, in fact, I take it as a challenge!
Come to a gig and see what you think. You may be surprised by what I play, I know I will. I leave it to the feel of the occasion and the mood of the audience to guide my fingers…


Swanage Blues Festival is always great fun to perform at!

Tawny’s Wine Bar, at 52 High Street. Saturday 7 March 2015 – 2 sets.