Maverick Magazine – 4 star review of Pete Christie’s album ‘Frank’, by Russell Hill

April 26th, 2010

Maverick Magazine
The voice of country, folk, bluegrass and roots music
Issue 94 May 2010

Pete Christie
Self Released
* * * *

There is so much to enjoy about this album that it would take an age to
list them all.

Based in Bournemouth and one of the best guitar pickers I have heard
for some time, this second solo album from the former member of the
Skavengers is delightful to say the least.

The only track not written by Pete is ‘Not Dark Yet’. Originally written
by Bob Dylan, it is sparse in its sound but as mighty a song if ever
I’ve heard one. The electric guitar makes this track a sleeping giant,
and I’m sure Dylan would not object to this version, as Pete performs it
so damn well.

One tune which is Pete’s own is ‘Waiting in the Wings’. The guitar
picking is not run-of-the-mill at all and with the occasional minimalist
sound joined by the Band of the Royal British Legion Christchurch, this
is one song I would certainly enjoy hearing live.

Prior to hearing this record, I did not know of Pete. When
singer-songwriters as good and talented as this are gigging continuously
around the UK throughout the year, it makes you want to travel
extraordinary distances just to see what they have to say and sing


Russell Hill