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New Album – the songwriting is well under way

February 20th, 2011

Pete’s current album ‘Frank’, which received favourable and 4star reviews and interviews, was completed at the end of 2009 and launched early in 2010

The next album material is an evolution in Pete’s crafted fingerstyle guitar technique and his honest Anglicana song writing approach.

Living on The Isle of Purbeck affords Pete plenty of space to work out what the album will be about. The hardest decisions will be what to leave out as the songs just keep ‘landing on him’.

Pete is quoted as saying he wants the next able to be ‘simple’; however, if the occasion presents itself for a full-sized orchestra to be available, then don’t be surprised if it is included on one of the tracks,

Pete is dedicating much of this year to touring throughout the UK and Europe, offering his audience an opportunity to hear some of the new songs as they grow and naturally develop.

Acoustic Magazine Review – Pete Christie album ‘Frank’

December 4th, 2010

“…heartfelt songs that recall McTell’s glory days…”
Julian Piper, Acoustic Magazine

Pete Christie album ‘Frank’ review
“…deliciously picked guitar lines…”
“…eight carefully crafted vignettes…”
“It takes a brave man to tackle a song like Dylan’s ‘Not Dark Yet’ – or maybe an optimistic one – so possibly this Dorset singer’s both.”


Acoustic Magazine
Review by Julian Piper – issue 47
November 2010