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Pete Christie live at The Beehive Swindon UK Local Swindon TV

April 7th, 2013

Recording debut of ‘Seagulls’ acoustic guitar instrumental


I really like what ‘Swindon Tv has done with the filming of ‘Seagulls’; this is the recording debut for this quintessential British acoustic guitar instrumental; which was filmed live at my ‘Beehive Pub music event on Sunday, March 17th 2013. Credit for the great filming goes to Doug Kirby, Creative Director/ Producer Partner at Swindon Tv.



It was another fun gig at The Beehive, with a great audience, Landlord Andy Marcer and bar Team as always!!


‘Seagulls’ was written and performed on a George Lowden O10 Guitar. The inspiration for ‘Seagulls’ comes from living on The Isle of Purbeck, Dorset.
Pete Christie being filmed by Swindon Tv at The Beehive Pub in Swindon

One audience member said “…listening to ‘Seagulls’ is like hearing a one-man Pink Floyd doing ‘Wish You Were Here’…”, others liken it to an early Peter Green from Fleetwood Mac.
‘Seagulls’ is an original Pete Christie instrumental which is performed as an extended outro to a contemporised version of ‘Oh Well’; which seems to captivate the audience. By the time ‘Seagulls’ starts the room has usually gone quiet and the audience is observed to sit mesmerised. A clear favourite with the audience and a great experience for any musician.

by Pete Christie

Swindon welcomes Dorset Guitarist for a Jubilee Live Music Event

June 13th, 2012

A lively set on Sunday 3 June afternoon, with a listening audience who bought lots of albums; what could be a better way to spend time for a musician like Pete Christie, who works hard to deliver a balanced singer-songwriter set of folk, blues, rock and ballads.


Pete Christie performs his singer songwriter set on his Lowden guitar in Swindon at The Beehive Pub


The audience showed lots of appreciation for the varied original anglicana set and a few covers, done in Pete’s unique acoustic fingerstyle technique. One such song is the ‘Ballad Of Lucy Jordan’, originally recorded by Dr. Hook and popularised by Marianne Faithfull. Pete Christie has been gaining some great compliments for this exciting adaptation which incorporates some dynamic looping and echo effects.


Pete is well known for performing a longer set and today was no exception, especially as some people had been watching the Jubilee celebrations.


Pete Christie is back again on Sunday, October 14th 2012 at 3pm.


The Beehive Pub

55 Prospect Hill, Old Town, Swindon

Phone: 01793 523187

A busy month of gigs and interesting people

June 27th, 2011

There have been some lovely musicial moments this month; starting with The Beehive in Swindon.

Swindon’s quirkiest and most ecclectic Pub. Live music, art gallery and… BEER!”

A very warm greeting from the Owner, Andy and an audience that really listened. And then there was Malcolm, a musicologist from the local college who boldy asked why, when I had such a lovely sound did I need amplification. That lead into a wonderful conversation about the quality of the guitar, the leads, the use of a quad amp and the science of a pure tone, 440-Hz, harmonics, capos and inside a guitar. Topics I totally enjoy and can talk for some time on, especially after managing a specialist hi-fi shop for many years.

As Malcolm departed for the evening, he presented me with a complicated sheet music he had just written for me.