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UK Roots Movement – providing an independent alternative

March 22nd, 2011

UK Roots Movement

Rory Ellis
Andy Grant
Pete Christie
The Wishbones
Hip Route

Release date         2010

About                     Freedom sounds like this…

Description         We are a non-profit promotional co-operative run by a collective of international musicians touring extensively and releasing new acoustic roots music within the UK.

In the past decade the music industry has been turned upside down and is barely recognisable as its former incarnation. Acts are signed and dropped on a whim as mainstream trends are set and quickly become outmoded. Chart successes invariably come from a will to create celebrity rather than a desire to share and celebrate creativity.

This industry has a stranglehold on the media that we once referred to for the latest sounds. So a parallel music industry is born through the Internet and on the streets: Anyone keen to take their music on the road can record, market, and distribute from their living room.

Coupled with the recent boom in live audiences, any motivated act can go out and make a success of their art.People dont want to be told what is good – They want to seek it out.

There is an unbelievable wealth of high quality music out there on the streets of the UK. There is also a huge audience on the lookout for an alternative to the mainstream.

UK Roots Movement provides a truly independent alternative.